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Perspectives of Fibro | Introduction

I have conducted a series of interviews exploring different perspectives of Fibromyalgia. From carers to business owners to friends of people with the condition.

The inspiration behind this was seeing how different everyone’s Fibro journey is, no one with this condition experiences the same thing. With Fibromyalgia already being a very misunderstood and unbelieved condition, these interviews are designed to show the many complex sides of the condition and the effects it can have on people living with it, and the people supporting them.

Part One is an interview with Janet who runs an awareness and activist Twitter page, FibromyalgiaWellness (@fibrowellness). I’ve followed this page for some time and always find great tips and wonderful posts of positivity. In this interview, we find out about Janet and what inspired her to create this page, and why it’s important to raise awareness on social media.

Part Two is an interview with my favourite Fibro friend, Maisie Golding Cocozza. She and I have been friends for years and she has been a huge inspiration to me. After my diagnosis last year we realised we had even more in common and have been working on our own blogs to raise awareness of the condition. Our hope is to merge our minds and blogs to create a book one day! You can check out Maisie’s blog here:

Part Three is an interview with a friend of Fibro, Annie Pilnik. Annie is a close friend of mine and Maisie’s and I thought her perspective would be incredibly enlightening for friends of people with chronic illness. She has seen us at our best and our worst and is constantly evolving with our conditions and being flexible in her friendship. Annie has also faced her own mobility hurdles which has made her a more empathetic and compassionate person in general.

Part Four is an interview with Dave Cocozza. Dave is Maisie’s husband and carer and this interview focused on what it’s like for a carer when you’re in a relationship with the person. It highlights what hurdles come up when you share the space and heart of someone with a chronic illness and highlights what makes it so great and rewarding.

Part Five I was lucky enough to interview a woman who is a massive inspiration to me; Beki at Motorbikers Cosmetic Company, the UK’s leading holistic company specialising in Fibromyalgia. I found out about M.C.C through pure coincidence when my aunt sent me a care package with their ‘fibro busting kit’ inside, since then my life has not been the same. Their products have worked absolute wonders for me and I was always speculative of holistic remedies like CBD. Their support group on Facebook is incomparable and focuses on positivity and community, her company has given me a home and a family I didn’t know I needed. If you’re looking to try some holistic remedies, I cannot recommend this company enough:

Part Six I interviewed Jade at Apatura by M.C.C who creates lines of clothing specifically for chronically ill people and people who need to focus on comfortable fits and materials. Clothing isn’t the first thing I thought of adjusting when I was diagnosed but I have come to realise the clothes I wear can make or break my day and it is incredibly important to feel comfortable and supported by the things you put on your body. Check out their line here:

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